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The Best Combi Oven That Performs Beyond Every Limit

Lainox comes with a wide range of combination ovens, suitable for different kitchen concepts and requirements.
Simplify your cooking task with just one click. Waste no time in cooking large amount of foods and producing greater cooked results without the worry of delays, but with up to 10x of speed!

Give yourself the best Combi ever now!

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Quick, Efficient & Greater Quality

Broccoli in just 7 minutes24 chickens in 30 minutes240 fried eggs in 2 minutes

* Guarantee perfect full loads with up to 20% more powerful and pre-heating feature up to 320°C.

* Equipped with Power Steam Generator which allows unprecedented speed in cooking.

* Equipped with Fast Dry Boosted® System which produces perfect crispiness.

* Autoclima controls the ideal climate to ensure excellent cooking quality.

Nabook Cloud

A virtual assistant who helps you organise and manage your kitchen and recipes.

Naboo even allows transparent monitoring of electricity, gas, water and detergent consumption, including all previous cooking processes up until last year.

*WiFi Connection

More Features:

Compact -space saving up to 15%Intelligent Energy System (IES) controls energy consumption and ensures temperature stability.Auto washing function with 30% less cleaning detergent consumption.

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