About F&B Equipment

Over 40 Years Journey In The One Stop Commercial Kitchen Equipment Industry


Established F&B Equipment Sdn.Bhd.first office is located at Jalan Klang, Kuala Lumpur
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Aftersales Office at Serindit @ Puchong Jaya
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Sales Office at Bedford@ Old Klang Road
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HQ and Showroom @ Setia Walk
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Sales Office and Showroom at D'Piazza Mall@ Penang
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Continue to provide one-stop-solution and the best commercial kitchen equipment e-commerce site for you.
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F&B Equipment Sdn. Bhd. is a leading click-and-mortar retailer of excellent commercial kitchen solutions in South East Asia. We offer a comprehensive range of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances for restaurants, food outlet franchises, café, hotels, hospitals and schools.
Furthermore, we provide one-stop solutions for your kitchen with Food Tech-RMS technology, machines and food processes can be digitalized and moving towards operational efficiency, professional consultancy for commercial kitchen set-up, and project management for dealers as well as the excellent after- sales service.


F&B Equipment is committed to keeping our customers' investments in commercial kitchen equipment productivity and quality. Efficient and excellent after-sales service is always our priority to you.

Vision: Feed the world


  • Continue in providing better quality of commercial kitchen equipments
  • Maintaining hygiene and clean of equipment in the industry
  • Guiding food establishment in providing excellent dining experience
  • Bringing the future to the industry with automation of digitalization