Lainox LNSAE201BS Boiler Combination Oven

  • Serving: 150 - 300 pax
  • Size: 960mm x 825mm x 1810mm
  • Capacity: 20x 1/1 GN
  • Voltage: 380 V
  • EcoSpeed
  • GFT (Green Fine Tuning)
  • EcoVapor
  • Fast Dry® (Dry, Crispy cooking)
  • Autoclima® (Tender, juicy cooking)

    Combi Oven Lainox SAEB201 Sapiens series is designed for baking dough and cooking various dishes and convenience foods at catering and trade. The model is equipped with a programmable electronic control, a 6-speed auto-reverse fan for perfect cooking evenness, a hand-drawn shower, an LM cleaning system, a Calout system to prevent the formation and accumulation of scale in the boiler, a3 mm 4-point probe-probe and a door with a handle. The body is made of stainless steel AISI 304.

  • External connection of the temperature probe with the ability to quickly connect the probe-needles for cooking in vacuum packaging or for small-sized products
  • Opening deflector for cleaning the fan compartment
  • Door with double tempered heat-reflecting glass and an air gap to prevent burns and increased efficiency
  • Swinging inside glass for cleaning
  • Adjustable door hinges for optimum tightness
  • Ideally smooth working chamber without seams and connections
  • LED strips with sequential switching on and off to display the selected program, temperature and time
  • Lighting with timer
  • Retractable compartment for detergent
 External Dimensions960mm x 936mm x 1810mm
 Capacity20x 1/1 GN
Voltage 3N AC 400
Distance between layers63 mm

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