Roller Grill RBE-120Q Electric Rotisserie (3 Spits)

  • Electric rotisserie with 3 spits
  • 3 spits of the rotisserie is driven by an independent and ventilated motor
  • Infrared quartz tubes spread a radiation of 1050°C 
  • Can roast 6 large free range chickens or 12 pieces of poultry on 3 spits
  • The English spit is used to cook steaks and pieces of poultry
  • The 100-mm-high feet raises vertical grill to make it easier to clean underneath the rotisserie
  • The support table with wheels and brake system makes rotisserie particularly mobile
  • Features: 3 spits, 3 infrared quartz tubes, tube protection, halogen lighting, juice tray, switches for spits, commutators, ventilated motors, pilot lights
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm940 x 450 x 845 mm
Voltage380 v
Power6.6 kw
Weight53 kg
Capacity12 poulets

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