Roller Grill PSR-900E 900mm Electric Griddle Cooking Plate: Steel

  • Electric griddle with decarbonised steel plate
  • Ensures homogeneous cooking without heat loss on the edges
  • Temperature rise of this electric griddle is less than 10 minutes
  • The cooking lid allows to stew slowly
  • The hinged cooking lid is also meant to stew vegetables, fish or meat
  • The cooking grid makes it easy to keep warm and to cook tomatoes and potatoes boiled in their skin
  • The professional electric griddle used in the kitchen or on the terrace during the season of grilling and barbecues
  • Features: decarbonised steel plate, 3 Incoloy heating elements, 3 commutator-thermostats 0 – 300°C, pilot lights
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm900 x 475 x 230 mm
Voltage230 v
Power9 kw
Weight44 kg