Hiber HD-R20.1M Blast Chiller & Freezer 20 GN

  • Standard with electronic thermostatic valve
  • Heated core probe with ring nut, with 4 measuring points
  • Evaporators with a large exchange surface, which can be opened on hinges to facilitate cleaning operations
  • Suspended evaporators, with very high efficiency, with anti-corrosion treatment in cataphoresis, and multiple
    gas injection
  • New concept evaporator conveyors, with AISI 304 stainless steel hinges, suspended
  •  Exterior in AISI 304 stainless steel, 8/10 mm thick, with Scotch-Brite finish.
  •  Internal made of AISI 304 fully radiused stainless steel to facilitate cleaning operations
  •  Reinforced bottom in anti-slip steel
  • Double bumper in AISI 304 stainless steel on all 4 internal sides and external bumpers to protect the dashboard
  • Panels with high density expanded polyurethane insulation (about 42 kg / m3), thickness 80mm, without HCFC
  • Panel hooking system Easy and effective thanks to a special design
  • Ramp with integrated drain grate
  • Heavy Duty door hinges
  • Tubular door handle for perfect grip
  • Anti-condensation heating element on the door under the seal
  • Door with scratch gasket with hinges with closing ramp
  • Heavy Duty reinforced threshold
  • Heating element in defrosting water discharge to avoid obstruction due to ice
  • IP66 high brightness LED on each evaporating pack
  • *Price is excluding installation

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