Beldos BELLIFT 670 Depositor

  • Versatile volumetric stainless steel depositor
  • A mobile frame pneumatically adjustable in heigh for the most convenient operation
  • The hopper can be easily filled and cleaned in the lowest position.
  • Deposit speed up to 120 deposits/min
  • Depositing of jam, jelly, muffin, sauce, paste and etc. 
  • Injection of eclairs, Berliners, profiteroles; decoration
  • Standard unit come with:
  • - 1x Stainless steel vertical hopper 60L
  • - 1x Foot pedal
  • - 1x Nozzle 90° D35MM
  • - 1x height adjustable table to deposit straight from nozzle into pans/trays
  • - 1x Follewer plate
  • - 1x Pastry Tips (9pcs)
  • - 1x Handgun Nozzle D25mm, L1350mm
  • - 3x Rotation cylinders 
  •        a. Temperature range: -8°C-0°C (Cold product)
  •        b. Temperature range: 0°C-60°C (Chilled to medium hot product)
  •        c. Temperature above 60°C (Hot Product)
  • - 2x Piston cylinder (-8°C-60°C)
  •        a. Cylinder size with diameter 52mm: 30-240ml/deposit
  •        b. Cylinder size with diameter 85mm: 200-670ml/deposit
  •    Other options are available based on deposit volume range. Aadditional piston cylinder quoted upon request. 
  •        a. Cylinder size with diameter 28mm: 5-60ml/deposit
  •        b. Cylinder size with diameter 40mm: 10-140ml/deposit
  •        c. Cylinder size with diameter 70mm: 100-430ml/deposit
  • - 2x Piston (above 60°C) 
  •        a. Piston with diameter 52mm
  •        b. Piston with diameter 85mm
  • Applications:
  • - Depositing of cake batter, muffins, jam, jelly, fruit filling, cream, mousse, meringue, ice-cream, yoghurt, soup, sauce, mashed potatoes, minced meat, salad.
  • - Injection of eclairs, Berliners, profiteroles; decoration.
  • Option of hopper and attachments are available for different application and operating way, refer to catalogue in DOWNLOAD column for details. 
PowerAir: 121 l/min at 30 deposits/min, 7 Bar / 102 PSI
Deposit speedUp to 120 deposits/min
Deposit range5-670 ml
Hopper25-60 liters
MaterialStainless steel

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