Wise WEGT-250C Intelligent Waffle Maker (Thick Iron)

  • Stainless steel exterior, cast aluminum model, non-stick THICK Teflon coating structure. 
  • 180° rotation grid
  • IC board memory function
  • Preheating function
  • Up and down bottom heating
  • Warming/Holding mode
  • Intermittent heating mode
  • Reminder alarm
  • Luxury appearance: Stainless steel exterior, cast aluminum model, heating uniform, fast and more saving energy. Non-stick Teflon coating, easy to clean.
  • Easy operation: “All-in-one-button”IC board operation which could self-clocking and accomplish automatic warming program.
  • IC board memory function: IC board will long-term memory to save setting parameters after setting the time and temperature, no need to adjust each time.
  • Preheating function: while temperature reach setting value, Buzzer to remind that you can start charging and cooking.
  • Up and down bottom heating: Extra thick and double heating element to ensure the waffle is baked evenly.
  • Warming/Holding mode: Allow you to pre-set holding temperatire when machine not in use, helps to shorten the heating time when machine is needed to bake next waffle. 
  • Intermittent heating mode: Intermittent soft heating functions to prevent the burning of waffle before reach pre-set temperature.
  • Reminder alarm: Remind you the precise timing to add flovour mixture and when the waffle is ready.
  • Rotation Grid: Horizontal grip flipping with 180° rotation ensures the flour is well distributed and product quality in term of consistency.  








Single Phase 220-240v/50Hz

Temperature range

Room temperature-220°C


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