TMTC TINY DROP 400 Floor-Standing Depositor Machine(Demo Sales Unit)

  • Compact industrial depositor for liquid, soft and semi hard dough.
  • Double level pumps system with a synchronous motion
  • Can create a large choice of shape and product made from any kind of dough hardness with its "universal" type of head pumps 
  • Equipped with rotation socket and wire cut system
  • Colour touch screen 8" OMRON (long life), easy to use and nice design. 
  • Abel to store up to 40 recipe programmes 
  • Steel structure and body work in stainless steel 304
  • Multi languages available such as French, English, Greek, or more under request
  • Standard unit come with:
  • - 1x Stainless steel tremy 25L
  • - 1x Head pump with lobes system for liquid/soft dough product
  • - 1x Feeding cylinder teeth for hard to soft dough product  
  • - 1x Wire cut system, include cutting arm wire system and wire cutting extrusion board (Diameter of output as option, maximum diameter 55mm, please get our consult upon ordering)
  • - 2x Dosing board tools with 4 OR 5 OR 6 outlets as option (Please indicate your choice upon ordering)
  • - 2sets socket, 1 set per dosing board ( Socket with diameter of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 11mm as option, please get our consult upon ordering)
  • - 1x Rotation dosing board with a set of off-centre base & a set of socket (smooth or groove socket as option, please indicate your choice upon ordering)
  • Fast release mechanism for changing boards, body work assembly on hinges for easy and fast access in an eventual case of maintenance.
  • Color touch screen 8.4’’ OMRON with a nice design interface, ability to store up to 40 programmes.
  • Automatic bi – directional control trays advancement (rotary encoder).
  • Automatic start or manual tray by tray or automatic detection mode.
  • Automatic head pumps levering for product detachments.
  • Automatic adjustment of height position of the head pumps.
  • Automatic detection of tools board type.
  • Program for multi-level biscuits, simple and long dosing.
  • Program for the wire cut system and speed control.
  • Example of some products which able to do with the depositor:
  • - macaron
  • - Pastry dough such as PARIS BREST, choux of any size, eclairs or other shape.
  • - Meringue (recipe having mass) and with Twisted effect
  • - Sheet cake product using the optional sheet cake dosing board such as: Joconde, Genoise, cream sheet, Roll Swiss cake, other made of soft dough.
  • - Langue de chat, Tuiles, Madeleine, Butter cookies with twisted effect
  • - Cupcakes, Cakes, Brownie.
  • - TWISTED effect product long or simple dosing and RING product made of soft or medium softness of dough.
  • - Short Bread, Sablés, Canestrelli
  • - Américan cookies, cookies.
  • - Extruded and wire cutted cookies.

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