T&S B-1235 Glass Filler Water Station With Splash Guard & Drip Pan

  • Deck mount water station
  • 8" deck mount glass filler w/ polished chrome plated brass body
  • Torx wrench adjustable flow outlet (wrench included)
  • Pedestal w/ adjustable 2" flange
  • Drip pan w/ splash guard and drop-in grid
  • Feature: Grid Strainer Drain
  • Waste drain flow rate: 18 GPM (68.13 L/min)
  • Pressure: 20 -125 psi (1.38 - 8.62 bar)
  • Temperature: 40 -140 F (4.44 - 60℃)
  • Material: Polished chrome plated brass body & pedestal, chrome plated metal flange, 18 gauge stainless steel drip pan and stainless steel grid

Note: This item is directly air freighted from the USA. Customers will be required to bear the expenses of air shipping.

Deck mount water station with polished chrome plated brass pedestal type glass filler, adjustable flow outlet, push back actuation arm, pedestal with adjustable deck flange, 18 gauge stainless steel drip pan with drop-in grid and 1 1/4" drain.

Box Dimensions13 x 13 x 14 inches
Weight4.38 kg
Pressure 20 - 125 psi (1.38 bar - 8.62 bar)
Temperature40 - 140 °F (4.44 - 60 °C)

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