Sirman W8TOP30DX12 Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • Practical and intuitive touch screen display
  • Electronic control system with pressure sensor for fast and precise processing
  • Adjustable automatic vacuum percentage: 50-100%
  • Dedicated programme for liquids
  • Dedicated programme for marinading
  • 10 different settings savable to preference
  • 6 selectable languages
  • Settable sealing, vacuum and gas time on a scale 1-10 sec
  • Display of vacuum percentage and time to countdown
  • Easily removable sealing bar

Sirman Vacuum Packaging Machine, model W8 Top:

- Rapid marination in just 2 MINUTES/cycle
- Uses 70% less marination to cut down cost
- Automated seafood washing (even with shells!)
- With dedicated programmed to inject, and excrete all liquids, help you to simplify your cleaning process
- Further extend food shelf life for 3-5 times longer
- Adjustable automatic vacuum percentage: 50-100%
- Save storage space & reduce food waste drastically
- Food taste better & fresher products compared to normal sealing machine

*1 Year Warranty on manufacturing defects

Chamber Size 340 x 360 x 130H
Sealing Beam310MM
Vacuum Pump12 MC/H
Weight 48 kg
W8_TOP_EASY (636.23 kB)

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