Sirman ANNIVE-LX 350 14" Flywheel Manual Meat Slicer

  • BS2 self adjusting blocking arm
  • Stainless steel removable pushern
  • Carriage easy to remove
  • A perfect mix of classical elegance with modern functionality.
  • Fusion of style and ergonomics, easy use and good taste, practical and exclusive.
  • A poem of lines, lights, colours and technics, pure, simple and durable technics.
  • Solid cast iron construction epossidic painted.
  • Carriage and other details made of anodized alluminium alloy.
Blade Dimension350mm/14 inche
Cut Thickness0-3mm
Run of Carriage345mm
Hopper Size320x350mm
Shipping Dimension960x920x860mm

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