Santos #37-4P Santosafe Kitchen Blender With Polycarbonate Container

  • With polycarbonate container.
  • Variable speed (from 0 to 15000 rpm).
  • Locking system for bowl and cover.
  • Dedicated to restaurants, hotels, institutions, hospitals, child care centers, ice cream shops.
  • Appliance for mixing, liquefying, grinding, crushing all kind of hot and cold preparations such as gaspachos, soups, purées, creams.
  • Powerful and silent commercial motor and its new highly resistant blades that can crush hard ingredients (ice cubes, lobster carcass).
  • Variable speed (from 0 to 15000 rpm) creating a powerful vortex. Pulse function (18000 rpm) for an optimal results
  • Complete range of bowls is available: 2 liters and 4 liters, stainless steel or transparent.
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm210 x 310 x 560 mm
Voltage220 - 240 v
Power1200 w
Weight8.96 kg
Speed18000 rpm