Roller Grill WI/2 Double Slot Sauce/Chocolate Warmer

  • Double chocolate or sauce warmer with built in warmer
  • Heat up 2 pressure bottles in the same time
  • Simple pressure on the flexible bottle guarantees precise and hygienic topping
  • Can heat up and make some sweet toppings more liquid without drying like chocolate, spread, honey, caramel
  • Set the switch thermostat to "max" for 15 minutes and then to 60 ° C to keep warm the food preparation
  • Is a table-top warmer fitted with 2 black protective shells and a removable display for a pot of jam, honey or spread
  • Heats up and keeps warm the sauce or cheese at right temperature without overheating to perfect coverings or toppings of sandwiches, hot dogs or pizzas
  • Features: Commutator thermostat, pilot light. Heating elements around the stainless steel tray
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm310 x 210 x 255 mm
Voltage230 v
Power340 w
Capacity2 x 1 liter

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