Roller Grill SAVOYE R Contact Grill Plate: Top & Bottom Groove

  • Designed for intensive use with cooking 96 hamburgers or steaks per hour
  • Have a high power of thermic inertia
  • Pressure spring is adjustable to adapt cooking to food
  • Sandwich grill or meat grill is meant to toast sandwiches or to cook steaks
  • The top plates of this professional contact-grill are self-balancing
  • This meat grill is also available with a smooth bottom plate for cooking omelettes, fried eggs, cakes, Swedish breads, blinis, wraps
  • Enable homogeneous cooking serpentine-shaped heating elements covering the whole cooking surface under each plate
  • Features: commutator-thermostat 0-300 ° C, juice drawer, thermo-resistant and metallic handle, control lights. Comes with a scraper for easy cleaning
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm330 x 385 x 220 mm
Voltage230 v
Power2 kw
Weight19 kg