Roller Grill GR-40E Electric Gyrosgrill / Kebab Machine

  • A vertical grill that cooks lamb, poultry or beef on a single rotating spit
  • Designs electric or gas kebab grills
  • Grill gyros can support up to 15 kg of beef, lamb or poultry
  • The game of 12 barbecue skewers (BG 4) for grilling shishliks, meat skewers or fish
  • The electric kebab knife to cut meat easily and to calibrate pieces of meat
  • The stainless side reflectors to concentrate the heat on the meat pin
  • The stainless steel splash guard to recover the excess juice and cut meat
  • The meat shovel to make portions of meat gyros or kebab
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm580 x 660 x 690 mm
Voltage230 v
Power3.6 kw
Weight27 kg
Capacity15 kg