Roller Grill GED-20 Waffle Baker(Demo Sales Unit)

  • Designed for frozen dough pieces, pre-cooked frozen waffles and also for fresh, homemade waffle batter
  • Suitable for all waffle dough
  • Equipped with two cast-iron moulds containing 2 imprints each
  • The cast-iron plates of this professional waffle iron are fixed
  • Designed for pre-cooked frozen waffles, frozen pieces of dough and also for fresh, homemade waffles
  • Cast-iron plate with a high conduction value makes it possible to spread the heat evenly
  • Obtain well-gold and crispy waffles in just 3 minutes
  • Patented stainless steel tray is placed around the bottom plate of the waffle iron
  • Features: Commutator-thermostats 0-300 ° C, control lights. Delivered with a brush (F05054) and a timer

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