Roller Grill FC-60TQ Convection Oven W/ Top Infrared Quartz Salamander & Bottom Armoured Heating Element Grid

  • Temperature rises very quickly: 300 ° C in 10 minutes
  • Ventilated heat function allows homogeneous cooking
  • Turbo Quartz®" function increases the inside temperature by 30 ° C, saving 30% of the cooking time
  • This real multifunction oven is equipped with 4 adjustable functions:Ventilated heat,Baked pastry oven,Turbo Quartz & Infrared ventilated grill
  • Ventilated heat function: mixing of hot air by the gentle and regular action of the thermo-ventilator
  • Turbo Quartz function: it combines and regulates infrared quartz tubes in the upper part and the bottom heating element, with the ventilation system
  • Baked pastry oven: ensures optimal spread of the heat and very accurate control of temperature
  • Infrared ventilated grill: essential for browning, grilling, icing dishes and also for roasting a chicken
  • Features: thermo-ventilator, infrared quartz tubes, bottom heating element, water pump, thermostat 0-300°C, 120-minute-sound-timer with position of non-stop use, interior lighting
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm595 x 610 x 590 mm
Voltage230 v
Power3 kw
Capacity4 GN 2/3 mm