Roller Grill CT-540B Conveyor Toaster

  • 300 to 540 toasts per hour according to the type of bread without preheating
  • Equipped with 2 ramps of 4 infrared quartz tubes
  • Very flexible conveyor toaster
  • Minimum pass through time is 47 seconds and maximum is 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • A switch selects the quartz ramps on top and bottom
  • Speed of the conveyor belt is regulated according to the product to be cooked or to be reheated
  • The front exit is used for bread, brioche, bagels etc
  • The rear exit is recommended for heavier and more delicate products such as big slices of farmhouse bread
  • Features: 2 ramps of 4 quartz tubes (1550 W at the top, 1450 W at the bottom), heating selector, variable speed drive, conveyor belt made of flexible stainless steel mesh, 15 cm front and rear trays, pilot lights, ventilated motor, adjustable feet
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm500 x 680 x 345 mm
Voltage230 v
Power2.65 kw
Weight20 kg