Roller Grill CFE-400 400mm Single Plate Electric Crepe Machine

  • Professional electric crepe maker of high performance for homemade pancakes and many other specialties
  • Equipped with an enamelled cast iron plate
  • Time saving and guaranteed yield for an excellent cooking result: 60 crepes per hour
  • Can be used to cook fried eggs, to simmer vegetables or to grill meat

Roller Grill CFE-400 Single Plate Electric Crepe Machine is perfectly smooth, ensures excellent temperature transfer and true contact cooking. It guarantess a perfectly homogeneous cooking without heat loss, completely safe and easy to use. It is not only used to make pancakes, chapatis or blinis, but also to cook fried eggs, to simmer vegetables or to grill meat.

Features: Incoloy heating element, commutator-thermostat 0-300°C, pilot light, the wooden "T" utensil to spread the batter evenly.

Dimensions (DxH) mm400 x 190 mm
Voltage230 V
Power3.6 kW
Weight18 kg
Plate Diameter400 mm

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