Robot Coupe 3.7L Cooking Cutter Blender Robot Cook

  • The 1st Professional Cooking Cutter Blender that can emulsify, grind, blend, chop, mix & knead
  • Heating capacity up to 140°C
  • Variable speed function from 100 to 3500 rpm
  • High speed Turbo/Pulse 4500 rpm
  • R-Mix function from -100 to -500 rpm 

The 1st Professional Cooking Cutter-Blender that can:
- Emulsify
- Grind
- Blend
- Chop
- Mix
- Knead

Speed functions :
- Variable speed from 100 to 3500 rpm
- High speed: Turbo/Pulse of 4500 rpm
- R-Mix blend speed from -100 to -500 rpm
- Intermittent speed: slow speed blade rotation every 2 seconds.

A mix of delicate products prepared without cutting due to the inverse rotation of the blade: R-Mix® function -100 to -500 rpm 

Large capacity stainless steel 3.7 litre bowl.

Comes with bowl scraper arm to mix the food while cooking.

Watertight lid designed to allow you to add liquid/ingredients into the bowl during processing. 

Low and high heat function, with heating capacity up to 140°C.

Power1800 Watts
VoltageSingle Phase
Bowl capacity3.7 L
Liquid capacity2.5 L
Heating capacityup to 140°C
Variable speedFrom 100 to 3500 rpm
High speedTurbo/Pulse of 4500 rpm
R-Mix blend speedFrom -100 to -500 rpm
Intermittent speedSlow speed blade rotation every 2 seconds

1. Can the machine operate continuously?

2. Is the Robotcoupe machine easy to wash?
Yes, all the part can be dismantled for easy cleaning.

3. Is Robotcoupe machine dishwasher friendly?
No, you can always wash the machine with normal washing detergent only.

4. What is the maintenance for Robotcoupe machine?
Subject to production usage, the common maintenance are the blades, discs and wear & tear parts.

5. Is Robotcoupe machine suitable for café use?
Yes, Robotcoupe machine ranges from small units to big units for different capacity. It is suitable for café, restaurant, hotel or factory usage.

6. How should I know which Robotcoupe machine is suitable for my kitchen?
You can always go for VEG PREP machines if you are looking only vegetable cutters with a specific shape or size; BLIXER for puree/paste/sauce application; CUTTER-MIXER for chopping application; FOOD PROCESSOR when you need vegetable cutting and blender function in one unit.

7. Is Robotcoupe machine have safety features?
Yes, all series of Robotcoupe machines has its own safety operation features for safe usage purposes.

8. Is Robotcoupe material stainless steel?
Robotcoupe machines are generally made of composite material. However, stainless steel versions are available upon request for certain models. Please contact our sales team for more info.

Cutter & Blixer

1. How should I differentiate Robotcoupe cutter-mixer and blixer?
Cutter mixer is for chopping / rough blend application such as chopped meat and garlic. While the blixer is for fine blending application like sauce/paste/puree.
2. Is Robotcoupe blixer ideal for application of fine blending?
Yes, blixer is always an ideal machine for dry blend and wet blend especially for spices & herbs blending such as lemongrass and galangal.
It is also suitable for pandan leaves blending applications.
3. Are Robotcoupe machines common for bakery and pastry application?
Yes, it is common especially in dough kneading and nuts blending.
4. Can I get a cutter mixer to do fine blending by extending the processing time?
No, increase in processing time does not result in fine texture. However, a fine serrated blade or coarse serrated blade is available as an optional accessory for this application.

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