Pavoni Cookmatic Square Plate

  • Plate for Pavoni Cookmatic machine
  • Made of non-stick material
  • Easy to change the plate whenever you want in just a few steps
  • Smooth, 30 square indents, border thickness 3 mm, bottom thickness 4 mm

Pavoni Cookmatic is provided with two cooking plates: an upper and a lower. Both are coated in a special non-stick material formulated for use in contact with food products. You can choose from the pairs of plates available for the type of tartlet you want, and change them out whenever you want in just a few simple steps.

Plate Dimension380x330 mm
Plate Weight11 kg
Tartlet Dimensionup to 34x34 mm, bottom 26x26 mm, height 19 mm
Border Thickness3 mm
Bottom Thickness4 mm

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