Orved Evox 25 Line Table Top Vaccm Pack Machine (Sealing Bar 260x1)


Touch panel

Vacuum sensor

  • Touch panel
  • Vacuum sensor
  • Easy accessory included
  • Suction tube included
  • H2out pump dehumidification program
  • Device to operate vacuum in container

The smallest automatic vacuum packing machine designed by Orved, with an innovative design and extremely high performance. Evox 25 has a completely stainless steel frame and a vacuum chamber with "HIGH FLEX" technology to always ensure the perfect vacuum in an ultra sturdy chamber.

Thanks to a sensory vacuum system and a touch panel with 2 preset programs, the extremely easy to use automatic vacuum packing machine Evox 25 allows a maximum vacuum of 99.99% in the storage program. There is an extra vacuum in the cooking program that is especially suited to intensifying flavours, aromas, and colours of Products intended for sous-vide cooking.

Bodywork:Stainless steel
Size:444x481x210h mm
Chamber size: 7,65 lt
Weight: 24 kg
Power grid voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Max power absorption: 297 w 
Sealing bars: 260 mm
Vacuum pump: 4 mc/h
Max bag size: 250x300 mm