Orved Bright 18 Line Table Top Double Resistance Vacuum Pack Machine (Sealing bars: 1x 415 mm)

  • Digital panel with 48 programs
  • Absolute vacuum sensor
  • Double resistance
  • Inert gas supply system
  • Easy accessory included
  • H2out pump dehumidification program
  • USB port for firmware update
  • Counter-bar detachable

Professional Chamber Vacuum Machine, completely in stainless steel, equipped with a vacuum chamber ""Power-steel"" for a perfect vacuum.

Creating vacuum with sensory system and has possibility of packing delicate or soft Products in modified atmosphere (ATM), thanks to the injection of inert gas. waterproof Digital control panel, , with 32 programs, including exclusive preset programs (FTY) and de-aeration programs (DSI) designed to simplify and automate each packaging cycle. Double sealing of series, the pump dehumidification cycle H2out, creation of external vacuum with the accessory Easy, Vacuum pump of 25 m³ / h and a removable sealing bar newly designed, length mm 415. Exclusive soft-air functions, for the packaging of Products with blunt parts (eg. Meat with bones).

 This Professional Chamber Vacuum Machine has the possibility of adding an additional sealing bar, for the packaging of multiple Products simultaneously.

Bodywork:Stainless steel
Size:588x587x501h mm
Chamber size: 448x440x200h mm
Weight: 90 kg
Power grid voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Max power absorption: 1200 W
Sealing bars: 1x 415 mm
 2x 415 mm (on request)
Vacuum pump: 25 mc/h
Max bag size: 400x500 mm

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