Moduline CVE031E Pressure Steamer

  • Suitable for restaurant use for steaming in quick and efficent. 
  • Precise control of temperature and pressure within 1-2 bar.
  • Equipped boiler with power control. 
  • Equipped with delay start timer for operation needs. 

The gentle and controlled heat of Moduline products wraps food almost like a blanket, while the time works on flavours and essential nutrients.
It is the ancient method of cooking at low temperature, applied by Moduline to its advanced static ovens, which do not attack the food fibres, thanks to the static cooking, but transforms them in a natural way, enhancing their quality, keeping them soft and finally, reducing the weight loss. This is due to the static system, which uses a wiring heating system outside the cavity designed to obtain even and stable temperatures, electronically controlled.
Moduline also offers to the most demanding customers the Delta-T system (on selected models), to set the correct difference (Delta) between the cavity temperature and the one at the core of the food, keeping it constant until the holding cycle: the lower the difference, the better the final result.

Capacity4 X GN 2/3
Oven Dimension590x691x592mm
Distance between racks74mm

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