Mixer IBTE-130 Removable Bowl Beater Arms Mixer

  • Two beater arm mixer with removable bowl
  • Painted steel rack raised from the ground on 4 feets, 2 fixed front feet and 2 adjustable rear feet
  • Two independent 2-speed motors for spiral and bowl, with automatic shift from 1st speed to 2nd speed
  • Bowl, arms and safety guard made of stainless steel
  • Bowl carrying trolley on wheels which allows for easy and safe transfer of large quantity of dough to give efficient management during processing, when adding ingrdients and when leaving dough to rise. 
  • Electric commands with two timers, setting of work time with automatic shift from 1st to 2nd speed. Opening/closing control with hold-to-run buttons.
  • Release/connection of trolley and head lifting/descent by hydraulic cylinders controlled by control unit, which making the operation more practical as well as simplifying the maintenance operations. 
  • Movement is transmitted to the arms by means of pulleys and V-belts with reduction gear in oil bath.
  • Movement is transmitted to the bowl by means of a coupling with elastic and tilting clutch wheel and belt speed reducer.
  • Electric panel located in separate cabinet on the right side of the machine.


Dimensions (LxDxH)980 x 1320 x 2150 mm
Power5.4 kW
Bowl Capacity50 L
Dough Capacity10-130 KG
Flour Capacity6-80 KG
Water Capacity4-50 L

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