Lainox ZO081SA Blast Chiller & Freezer

  • Capacity: 9 x GN1/1
  • Interface with digital controls
  • One touch, user friendly technology
  • Up to 80% more blast chilling/freezing capacity
  • Cleaning and hygiene always guaranteed thanks to the new construction system
  • Extend product shelf life 3 to 5 times longer
  • Minimal to no ice crystal, hence better food quality
  • Operational efficiency - lower energy consumption to chill/freeze fresh produce & foodstuffs in bulk very quickly

Lainox Zoom ZO081SA Blast Chiller & Freezer
Functions For All Needs:

- Practical ready-to-use programs, each designed to treat different types of dishes (e.g. red meat, pastries, creams, etc.)

- Dedicated program for the application of the raw fish sanitation cycle.

- Mainly used function in the ice cream and baking sectors to give a "thermal shock" to products in preparation.

- The food safety of served meals is guaranteed by the cutting edge technology of Lainox. We have designed an instrument that fully satisfies the strictest HACCP regulations.

- A practical solution for removing the core probe after a blast freezing cycle to -18°C.

- A dedicated program for this useful function before starting a blast chilling or blast freezing cycle.

- The Zoom cell can be sanitised using a practical, internally fitted steriliser (optional).


Tray capacity

9 x GN1/1
9 x 600 x 400

Pitch (mm)73
Positive chilling capacity in 90'
+90°C > +3°C (Kg)
Negative chilling capacity in 240'
+90°C > -18°C (Kg)
Refrigeration power (W)1212
External dimensions (L x D x H)790 x 870 x 1460 mm
Maximum electrical power (W)1730
Absorbed current (A)8.28
Supply voltage* (V)AC 230V - 50Hz

*special voltages and frequencies upon request

What is a blast chiller/freezer?

Blast chilling/freezing is a machine to circulate cold air at high velocity around food pans to cool it rapidly.

Why use blast chiller/freezer?

In order to cool down the food rapidly for storage to avoid the food danger zone, cooked food needs to chill within 90 minutes or to freeze within 240 minutes for storage according to HACCP standard after cooking.

How long can the food be preserved from blast chill & freeze?

Blast chill (uncovered) – 5 days & Blast freeze (uncovered) - 4 weeks.

It can keep much longer with proper packaging (covered).

What is a need to take care during the blast chilling process?

Do not load the food in a pan with depth more than 50mm, it will increase the chilling time as reduce the air ventilation.

Can I blast freeze the food in vacuum-packed form?

Yes, the cooked food is needed to be chill first then portioned in vacuum packaging and then sealed in vacuum state then blast freeze again.

What temperature of the chamber can reach for blast chiller/freezer?

-36 Celsius to -40 Celsius.

What is the capacity that can be chosen?

It has 5,8,12,16,20,40 pans capacity that can fit GN1/1 or baking trays (600x400mm).

How can I confirm my product is fully chill/freeze?

All the units of blast chiller/freezer are equipped with core probe for the user to insert in the centre of food during the process, once the probe has detected the temperature to +3 Celsius or -18 Celsius, the machine will beep and stop the process.

The advantage of using a blast chiller/freezer.

To reduce food costs, manpower savings, improve product quality.

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