Hatsuyuki ROTOR-FULL option cartridge for HB-320A

  • Option cartridge for HB-320A
  • Allow you to shave frozen fruit & ice cream using HB-320A
  • Option cartridge for HB-320A
  • Allow you to shave frozen fruit & ice cream using HB-320A
  • Include stocker with blade assembly, base frame, big & small spike motor & mounting bracket for rotor

1. How long will Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver last?

Hatsuyuki ice shavers are reputed to be durable for long-term use. As long as the maintenance is conducted appropriately, it will last more than several decades.

2. Should you purchase a block or a cube ice shaver?

Block ice shaver can produce more fluffy ice than cube ice shaver. Cube ice shaver is convenient as cube ice usually easier to find. So if you're going to be doing fairs, special events, catering, or high volume, then cube shaver is the best choice.

3. What is the difference between a cube ice shaver and block ice shaver?

Cube Ice Shaver: About 3cm cube ice is used. At special events, cube ice is more readily available because food & beverage vendors use cube ice. Cube shavers are safer & easier to operate. The blade is not as readily exposed as with block shavers.

Block Ice Shaver: About 13cm square block ice is used. The Block Shaver creates fluffier shave ice. With a block shaver, you can freeze your own blocks of ice by purchasing 3-qt. round cylinder containers at any grocery or restaurant supply. Fill containers with water & freeze on level surface for 24 hrs.

4. How many servings with 1 block ice?

Assuming 1 serving is as much as 200g, you can make about 8-10 servings with 1 block Ice (with 13cm square).

5. How many cube ice will be needed for one serving?

Assuming 1 serving is as much as 200g, 7-9 pieces of cube ice will be needed.

6. How to make block ice?

The best size of block ice is 13 x 13 cm.

① Pour water into a 13cm square container.

② Freeze it for at least 24 hours It is recommended to use soft mineral water, because it allows you to make fluffier shaved ice.

7. How to make cube ice?

You may produce cube ice from ice maker machine.

Important: Hatsuyuki works best on cube-shaped ice only.

8. When should I change the blade of my Hatsuyuki ice shaver?

Average life-duration of the blades is around 9 months, but it is highly depend on the frequency of the operation

9. Can we use the machine with electric generator?

No, it is not advisable to use electric generator.

10. Tips - how can we shave ice more fluffily?

Before shaving the ice, take the ice out of a refrigerator and then leave it at room temperature until ice becomes soft, and transparent ideally It helpes you shave ice very fluffy like fallen snow. If the surface of the ice is too hard, it would be difficult to shave fluffy ice.

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