Firex LWD-4 Compartmentalised Vegetable Washer



  • The basin bottom has a special shape which permits the complete discharge of the water and the washing residuals.
  • Overflow with removable filter in stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel feet, adjustable in height.
  • Timer to adjust the washing time.
  • LWD can be supplied with tilting baskets, of 2 sizes, to discharge the product.
  • Adjustable washing vortex, created by multiple nozzles

Removable walls on this professional vegetable washer allow you to divide the washing tank into multiple compartments and to wash different types and quantities of products at the same time, with obvious savings in water, time and energy. 

Washing vegetables and fruits is easy and effective.

Thanks to the new tilting baskets provided, washing fruits and vegetables is simple because any kind of product can be retrieved easily, effortlessly and without the use of expensive motorised mechanisms. In addition, the special conformation of this automatic vegetable washer allows the complete disposal of the washing water at the end of the cycle. The drilled false bottom allows dirt to be deposited on the bottom of the tank, without allowing the food to pass through. 


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