Ferrari FT3-RED Multi-Boilers Espresso Coffee Machine (Red)

  • Double group m'ulti-boilers espresso coffee machine 
  • Three stage thermostatic heating system
  • PID Temperature heating control technology
  • Multifunction LED display setting
  • Adjustable steam control valve
  • Cool-touch wand
  • Double group multi-boilers espresso coffee machine with three stage thermostatic heating system, ensure temperature consistency. 
  • -Boiler 1: Steam pressure and hot water boiler 
  • -Boiler 2: Coffee boiler
  • -Boiler 3: Brewing head boiler 
  • Each boiler have independent heating element and control system, making the temperature precision up to ±0.5°C. This feature allows barista to do different brewing setting for different types of coffee bean based own bean's charateristics. 
  • Featured with PID Temperature heating control technology which this programme can automatically adjust the heating frequency of the machine by calculating the temperature change of boiler, reduce unnecessary heating time, save energy cinsumption and ultimately ensure the temperature stability.
  • Multifunction LED display setting allows barista to always check on the brewing tempeature, timing and also do setting. Besides, the display also shows the brewed cups quantity, timing of ON/OFF machine and operation error reminders. 
  • Insulated boiler design allow the temperature to drop down in slow speed, reduce heat frequency, energy efficient.
  • Hot water will mixed with cold water before it is discharged, this helps to ensure stability of hot water flow, prevents splashes and burns. However, the water temperature is still always higher than 90°c.
  • Independently spotlight are placed next to each brewing head, this helps barista to get better performance when making coffee.
  • Adjustable steam control valve
  • Cool-touch wand


Dimensions (WxDxH) mm805 X 645 X 600 mm
Voltage220v / 50-60Hz
Steam Boiler Capacity12 L
Coffee Extraction Boiler1L*2
Boiler MaterialCopper
Hot Water Output30L/hr
Coffee Output240cups/hr
Weight80 kg

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