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1. Bake With Us- Pastry Solution (Tue: 2.30-4.30pm)

- Demonstrate advance pastry solution from filling/depositing to combi oven baking, and blast freeze.

- Suitable for those interested in improving pastry and gastronomy method.

2. Dessert And Beverage Solution (Wed: 3pm-4pm)

- All in one ingredient and equipment solution training for your cafe, dessert bar and restaurant.

- Showcasing soft serve machine, coffee machine and more.

3. Cook Chill Solution (Thur: 11am-1pm)

- Present to you the advance one touch solution cooking method. 

- Together we make big change with every steps with powerful combi oven.

4. 1-Day Only Special Regen & Hold Demo (18 Dec 11-1pm OR 3-5pm)

- Bring your food back to exact state & hold with better quality

5. 1-Day Only Cafe Essentisl Demo (17 Dec 2.30-4pm)

- Coffee machine, soft serve machine and more!

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