Eka MKF1111TS Direct Injection Combi Oven With Touch Screen

  • Suitable for cafe and restaurant 
  • Suitable for roast, grill and baked dishes
  • Humidity control to retain food moisture 
  • Pre-set cooking program up to 500 progrmas 
  • Each programs allow users to cook in 10 stages
  • Equipped with auto wash system
  • 30 percent less water consumption 
  • Equipped with wifi connection for recipe update
  • Multilevel cooking mode

Innovation in the MILLENNIAL line is never an end in itself.
The new design simplifies the use of the oven in everyday life.
The constructive quality makes it last in time.
The renewed convection cooking system helps cook all 10 trays evenly. Innovation has only one purpose in the MILLENNIAL line: allows you to fully express yourself.

You can count on 500 programmable recipes to be activated with just one touch, on 4 trays measuring 600x400 mm, to cook your dishes evenly. You can also vary the cooking techniques to be offered to your customers thanks to the option of using steam. The MKF464TS oven guarantees an IPX5 water protection rating and like all Millennial line ovens, features the door lock at 90°, 120° and 180°.
The technological breakthrough of the MILLENNIAL line is finally available for your kitchen thanks to innovative Airflowlogic, Humilogic and Drylogic patented technologies by Tecnoeka.

Capacity11 X GN1/1
Distance between racks68mm