Eka EKF411UD Direct Injection Convection Oven With Analog Control

  • Suitable for kisok and cafe
  • Suitable heat up ready to eat meals and simple deli recipe 
  • Humidity control to retain mositure of food 
  • High performance with latest thermal insulation 

Handy use and quality. It heats ready meals but can also be used for preparing quick and simple deli recipes: it is the perfect ally for small food outlets where space is at a premium. Professional results and time optimization: compact and easy to use, it allows you to customize each recipe based on individual cooking requirements by exploiting the direct steam option. The EKF 411 UD, like all the ovens from the new Eka Evolution Series line, also gives a nod to energy saving with a new type of high-performance latest generation thermal insulation.

Capacity4 X GN 1/1
Distance between racks73mm