Cuppone PZF/30DS Pizzaform

  • Cuppone patented design - pizza forming machine
  • Pizza diameter: 300mm
  • High production up to 400 pizzas per hour
  • High production up to 400 pizzas per hour, without having to employ specialised labour
  • Perfect uniformity in the shape & thickness of the pizza dough base, without having to renounce the traditional edging, which is obtained thanks to the special configuration of the chromium bevelled edge plates
  • Thickness of the bases can be easily adjusted
  • Thanks to the action of electronically controlled plates, a solid thin layer of starch gel is formed on the external part of the dough mixture. The starch layer holds back the gas produced in the natural fermentation of the dough and so produces perfect even cooking inside of the pizza bases.
Pizza diameter300mm

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