Comenda GFS90 Front Loading Multi Purpose Washer

  • Tall front-loading model
  • 42 liter deep drawn tank
  • 4 Adjustable washing cycles
  • No external booster required
  • Stainless steel frame, tank, panel, and wash & rinse arms
  • Generous washing area suitable for trays, containers & utensils
  • Front-loading multipurpose washer with rinse control device, electromechanical controls and push down buttons. Four wash cycles, 440 mm clearance, 42 liter deep drawn stainless steel tank.

    External dimensions (LxDxH) (mm)620 x 742 x 1495
    Washing area (LxDxH) (mm)510 x 610 x 500
    Rack (mm)500 × 500
    Clearance (mm)440
    Net weight (kg)130
    Power supply (V)400 V/ 3N/ 50 Hz
    Washing cycles (sec)90/120/180/480
    Output (rack/h)7/20/30/40
    Rinse water consumption (l)4
    Booster Heater (kW)9
    Tank heater (kW)3
    Wash pump (kW)1.5
    Installed load (kW)10.5
    Tank size (l)42