Able Well SD5 Blast Chiller & Freezer (5trays)


Blast Chillers +70°C to +3°C  

The blast chilling cycle, the product temperature drop from +70°C to +3°C  in 90 minutes.

The transition between +65°C and +10°C (ideal climate for the proliferation of bacterial), so fast as to prevent any generation.  

The Foodstuff can be kept for 8 days in normal chiller.

Shock Freezers +70°C to -18°C  

The maximum storage is achieved through the rapid production of cold allow the production of micro-crystals that optimally preserve the cells of the foodstuff.

The shock freezing drops the temperature from +70°C to -18°C in maximum 240 minutes. 

The food is quickly frozen and then be kept for months in normal freezer.

- International famous brand compressor, self-developed copper tube and fin evaporator, high-power circulating fan, rapid cooling

- Thermal expansion valve controls the flow of the system, adding three gas and one liquid reservoir, which can adapt to different environments; Electromagnetic valve hot gas defrosting system, defrosting more thoroughly

- Imported thermostat, four processes can be switched with one click, fulfill the needs of different customers

- Upgradable IoT remote intelligent control system to achieve 24-hour monitoring of equipment operating status and remote operation

- SUS304 food grade stainless steel material, more hygienic and durable

- 70mm ultra-thick high-density integral foam box, no shrinkage or deformation, better thermal insulation effect and energy saving

- Stainless steel door handle, durable and anti dirt; overall arc-shaped, nicer design, clean no dead end; easy-to-remove high-strength seal, can withstand 13KG tensile force

- Equipped with bearing-type 3-inch PU material universal brake wheel, easy to move around, high oil resistance, and strong bearing capacity

- No. of trays are different based on model

- 国际知名品牌压缩机,自主研发的铜管加翅片蒸发器,大功率循环风机,急速降温

- 热力膨胀阀控制系统流量,增加三气一储液器,可适应不同环境;电磁阀热气融霜系统,融霜更彻底

- 进口温控器,四个过程一键切换,可满足不同客户需求

- 可升级物联网远程智能控制系统,实现24小时监控设备运行状态、远程操作

- SUS304食品级不锈钢材质、更卫生、耐用性更强

- 70mm超厚高密度整体发泡箱体,不收缩不变形,保温效果更好,更节能

- 不锈钢把手及门内衬,耐用不存污;整体圆弧形设计,更美观,清洁无死角;方便拆卸的高强度封条,可耐13KG拉力,密封性更好

- 专利技术门轴,15万次以上自动回归,开关门永不脱落

- 配置轴承式3寸PU材质万向刹车轮,移动方便,耐油性高,承重能力强

- 可根据要求配置层架

Able Well SD5 Blast Chiller & Freezer | 急速冷冻柜 (5盘)

Dimension (WxDxH)

 800x832x971 (mm)

Temperature (°C)

 -28 ~ -35°C
Trays 5
Power (W) 800
Voltage (V/ph/Hz) 220/1/50
Cooling Mode Ventilated

What is a blast chiller/freezer?

Blast chilling/freezing is a machine to circulate cold air at high velocity around food pans to cool it rapidly.


Why use blast chiller/freezer?

In order to cool down the food rapidly for storage to avoid the food danger zone, cooked food needs to chill within 90 minutes or to freeze within 240 minutes for storage according to HACCP standard after cooking.


How long can the food be preserved from blast chill & freeze?

Blast chill (uncovered) – 5 days & Blast freeze (uncovered) - 4 weeks.

It can keep much longer with proper packaging (covered).


What is a need to take care during the blast chilling process?

Do not load the food in a pan with depth more than 50mm, it will increase the chilling time as reduce the air ventilation.


Can I blast freeze the food in vacuum-packed form?

Yes, the cooked food is needed to be chill first then portioned in vacuum packaging and then sealed in vacuum state then blast freeze again.


What temperature of the chamber can reach for blast chiller/freezer?

-36 Celsius to -40 Celsius.


What is the capacity that can be chosen?

It has 5,8,12,16,20,40 pans capacity that can fit GN1/1 or baking trays (600x400mm).


How can I confirm my product is fully chill/freeze?

All the units of blast chiller/freezer are equipped with core probe for the user to insert in the centre of food during the process, once the probe has detected the temperature to +3 Celsius or -18 Celsius, the machine will beep and stop the process.


The advantage of using a blast chiller/freezer.

To reduce food costs, manpower savings, improve product quality.




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