Wise WBLL-290CA Floor Standing Electric Noodle Cooker (3baskets)

  • Digital Temperature Control with Auto Lift-Up Basket System
  • 3 baskets system with independent control panel
  • 30L water tank capacity.
  • Programmble Cooking time 
  • Machine with Water Level Solenoid Valve


  • Digital control system, button press down operation and baskets can be lifted up and down automatically. The machine will finish all the noodle cooking processes automatically can cooking time can be control precisely. 
  • Each auto lift rod come with independent control system, each can set 3 cooking time which enable you to easily achieve total of 9different time setting. 
  • Machine comes with auto mode to adjust the power during peak and non-peak cooking cycle for energy saving purpose.
  • Water level solenoid valve allows power auto cut-off when water level is drop below the minimal level for safety purpose.
  • Water inlet and outlet is needed for this machine.



290x750x790/890 mm




 Three Phase 380-415v/50Hz

Machine capacity


Temperature range

Room Temp-100°C