Sunkist #8 Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer

  • Able to extract 10 - 12 gallons of juice per hour 
  • It weighs a hefty 31 pounds 
  • Quiet, yet heavy duty motor 
  • Interchangeable extracting bulbs 

The Sunkist #8 is a well-built commercial juicer that endures extended daily usage. It features a metal oscillating strainer to better separate the juice from the pulp to get more juice from each piece of citrus. This piece of equipment able to extract 10 - 12 gallons of juice per hour and comes with three extracting bulbs, one for lemon/limes, one for oranges, and one for grapefruits. It weighs a hefty 31 pounds, so it will be sure to stay put on the counter while in use. The juicer utilizes the same quiet, yet high-powered, motor design that have been using for over 20 years.

Capacity10 to 12 gal per hour

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