Moduline ACF056T Cryogenic Blast Chiller(Demo Sales Unit)

  • Suitable for rapid chilling and freezing food ingredient.
  • Equipped with USB port software to store HACCP data and recipe.
  • Store up to 100 recipe can be saved. 
  • Equipped with calibrated nitrogen injection system to minimize gas usage up to 30%

With the Chill range of Blast-Chillers, Moduline has completed a major step in its workflow chain that was missing before. Thanks to an innovative company vocation, Moduline wanted to go further, presenting Cryogen, the excellence of chilling. Thanks to the use of nitrogen in the process of food refrigeration, it is possible to complete the freezing very quickly and maintain the nutritional properties of the foods. With Cryogen, Moduline joined nitrogen properties to the ability to create innovative and technologically advanced equipment, thus obtaining exceptional performance and superior quality.
Nitrogen: colourless, odourless, non-flammable, chemically very stable and non-toxic, can reach temperatures of -196 degree celcius in a short time, thus favouring a cryogenic freezing that preserves the foods longer. In this way, Cryogen, through the injection of nitrogen into the refrigeration cavity, manages to overcome the exceptional performances of Chill, ensuring the best rates and productivity and, coming even at temperatures of -40° degree celcius at food core. Cryogen is also more environmentally friendly than chillers using standard techniques of refrigeration with ammonia or HFCs, since nitrogen is a natural component of our atmosphere and therefore does not pollute nor damage the environment. 

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