Hatco GRAL-36 Glo-Ray 36" Infrared Foodwarmer W/Lights And Built-In Infinite Switch

  • Sturdy continuous aluminum housings eliminate sagging.
  • Reflector does not blacken, maintaining a consistent, even heat pattern.
  • Shatter-resistant incandescent lights illuminate the holding area while safeguarding foods from bulb breakage.
  • Available in all Designer colors and Gloss finishes Gleaming Gold, Glossy Gray, Bold Black, Radiant Red and Brilliant Blue to match your decor.

Hatco's Glo-Ray Aluminum Infrared Strip Heater with Lights blankets food holding areas to safely hold products at optimum serving temperatures, using a pre-focused heat pattern and specially designed reflectors to ensure maximum food holding.

Amps Rating1.
Ship Weight 4 kg5 kg5 kg6 kg7 kg8 kg9 kg10 kg10 kg11 kg13 kg15 kg

Voltage (All models)  : 240v/50/1

Dimension for all models (D x H): 229 x 64mm