Friulmed FC-260CV Chef-Vac Vacuum Pack Machine

  • Vacuum chamber machine
  • Vacuum pump: Oil lubricated - 8 mc/h
  • Sealing beam: 270 mm
  • Made of stainless steel for both the bodywork and the vacuum chamber
  • Digital control panel with 10 programs, each with different input values
  • Digital control panel and all functions are controlled by a microprocessor
  • Equipped with sensor value control system that allows the setting of percentage values for the various vacuum phases
  • Electronic display provides the operating hours and automatically indicates the maintenance intervals of the machine
  • All FC-260CV have an ultra-vacuum function and are available with various options
Body workStainless steel
Vacuum pumpOil lubricated - 8 mc/h
Sealing beam270 mm
Size405 x 520 x 370(H) mm
Chamber size290 x 400 x 180(H) mm
Electric requirement600W - 240/50-60/1
Weight50 kg

1. What kind of products can be vacuum packed?
Vacuum packing can be applied to all types of food, both solid (meat, vege, eggs and even durian) or liquid (sauces)

2. Can we vacuum pack cooked food?
Yes, both raw and cooked products can be packaged, as long as they are cold, preferably 3 - 4°C.

3. Can we vacuum pack hot food?
No, we do not recommend to vacuum pack hot food as the humidity will heat the vacuum bag, and the humidity will compromise the sealing quality.
As mentioned above, food are best vacuum packed in 3 - 4°C.

4. What is the shelf life of the food vacuum packed?
Depends on its nature and quality, it can be stored 3-4 times longer than standard packaging.
However, this can only be applied when handling fresh food, not to those that has been exposed to open air contamination.

5. Once vacuum packed, can the product be stored in the refrigerator or freezer?
Yes, you can. It is recommended to cool food as soon as possible to help prolong shelf life.
While vacuum packing eliminates problems due to micro organisms (those that need air to live), storing at low temperatures inhibits the development of anaerobic germs and bacteria that can survive even without air.
For better results, use a blast chiller/freezer.

6. How do I clean the vacuum pack machine?
Simply clean the vacuum machine by using soft cloth soaked with water and a neutral detergent after each usage.
Avoid using abrasive products that can damage the machine surface.
Do not use water directly on the machine as it can damage the internal parts.

7. Why does the meat turns dark when vacuum packed?
Meat can become darker due to lack of oxygen, but the texture & taste remain the same.
To regain the original color, open the bag and let the meat exposed to air for some time.

8. Can we reuse the vacuum bag?
No, it is not recommended due to hygiene purposes