Easybest IC3 Counter Top Vertical Batch Freezer

  • Equipped with Hermetic compressor
  • Flexible and removable agitator blade
  • Microcomputer control system
  • Front panel door designing
  • 304 stainless steel structure
  • Hermetic compressor with high refrigerating capacity, low consumption and low noise level.
  • Vertical cylinder allow you to constantly observe on gelato evolving process and easy the step of ingredients addition.
  • Flexible and removable agitator blade that touch very well the cylinder to mix the gelato perfectly and for easy cleaning. 
  • Digital microcomputer control system for easy operation. Two set of languages with the possibility to set temperature and timing allow you to have precise control of final product. 
  • Front panel door designing for convenient discharging and random modeling.
  • Air cooling system with R404A gas refrigeration. Able to operate under environment with temperature of 25°C and humidity of 60%.


Dimensions (WxDxH) 547x554x430mm
Tank Capacity5 L
Power1 kW
Weight 70kg
Input (Min/Max) 1-2L
Hourly Production 8-10L
Cycle Time 15-20mins
SystemAir-Cooling System
IC3_CATALOGUE (341.94 kB)