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3 Flavor Soft Serve Machine - KISS 3G POWER

FRIGOMAT KISS 3G POWER Ice Cream Machines with gravity filling, 2 control units, 2 independent motors, for high performance and perfect products . This is a desktop version of the ice cream makers with the highest operator comfort and high production capacity. These turntable ice cream machines are compact, electronically controlled turntable ice cream machines with simple controls. Produces 2 + MIX types; Besides frozen ice creams, it also offers the possibility of making sorbet, granite, draft yoghurt, mousse and many other specialties.

KISS 3G POWER Ice Cream  Makers  have been developed to meet the highest customer demands for top-notch design, ease of operation with an emphasis on high production capacity.The KISS 3 Power series is a robust and powerful 2 liter ice cream maker with gravity filling capabilities , suitable for exposed ice cream stores. Due to its high production capacity, it is able to compensate for peak peaks.

KISS 3G POWER Ice Cream Machines have two independent controllers that work independently and each controls one side of the machine. Thanks to this electronics and microprocessor controllers, the ideal product density can always be set. Each of these units controls one engine. Thus, there can be trouble-free operation of completely disparate products , or one type can still be released without the other choking or thinning. Thanks to this, it is not only possible to change the product density during the day, but only work on one half of the machineFor example, in the winter or near the end of the shift there is no need to mix another mixture. For example, one page can be completely shipped and shut down or even cleaned during operation without having to end up with a discharge. During production, units display on the display at which stage the product is located. It is also possible to change and control electronically, for example, the temperature in the trays and other evaluation parameters, programming and other service tasks. The control unit is also equipped with an alarm system alerting potential malfunctions . Experienced operators will also appreciate the innovative location of a drip drip tray behind the shaft at the front of the machine for better accessibility.

KISS 3G POWER ice cream machines are equipped with 2 x 10 liter stainless steel trays and a toothed landing gear system. Also included is timely signaling of the upcoming mixture in the tank . LONG-LIFE stainless steel cylinder mixers have an unlimited life, only their plastic blades are changed. Thanks to these plastic parts, there is no wear on the cylinder, which also significantly prolongs its life and increases the pitch of the products. Cooling systems for overnight storage and shutdown. Tray cooling can be set. Thanks to its size and production capacity, this ice cream ice cream machine is recommended for more expensive outlets.

Execution: Counter Top

Flavors: 2 + MIX

Number of portions / hour: 570 

Gravity or pump: gravitational

Hourly production: 40 kg

Capacity of trays: 10 + 10 liter

Height width depth: 840 x 500 x 770 mm

Power consumption: 3.9 kW

Cooling: water or air

Power supply: 400V

Weight: 200 KG