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Aroma by Naboo


Cloud Lainox ®

The absolutely unique feature that distinguishes Aroma by Naboo from 

other professional ovens is called Cloud.

In Cloud you find all of the content to create the finished product because

we have put the recipes, process, preparation system, cooking program

and the presentation of each individual plate in the Cloud. Aroma by Naboo 

provides, suggests and redefines everything you need for excellent quality

results that are uniform over time.

User Friendly Technology

The Aroma by Naboo interface is like a large tablet or smartphone

screen and it works the same way: browse the menu, drag icons,

open files, make new pages, create files with new content, download

from the cloud and combine with content already on the machine.

Everything is done with total freedom, creativity and functionality.


With Aroma by Naboo you have the possibility of using remote

control to take full advantage of all of the potential of multilevel cooking.

The Aroma by Naboo Cloud already has the folders with the

macro groups for multilevel cooking so it is very simple to access this

function. Plus you can create dedicated folders and the system

guides the operator and makes corrections in order to load only those

recipes and dishes with compatible cooking methods.

In addition, multilevel cooking is extremely useful and profitable.

With the Multilevel cooking system you can cook different foods with

different cooking times simultaneously and Aroma by Naboo will let

you know with an audible and visual signal when the tray is ready.

Prevent downtime, partial loads and unnecessary consumption with

over 30% less production time compared to traditional grill and

fryer cooking systems.

Choose the system of washing 

Most suited to your needs

Uniform cooking

Aroma by Naboo can be as powerful or as delicate as needed.

For LAINOX, cooking uniformity has always been a fundamental

value and with the exclusive Fast Dry® and Autoclima® systems

combined with 6 different air ventilation speeds, excellent results

are achieved even when fully loaded, without waste or food that is not

presentable.Where precision of ingredients and perfection of execution

are a must to get a top-quality product and where there is no margin

for error Aroma by Naboo knows how to make a decisive contribution

to the cooking process.


Even with types of cooking and finishing that are unthinkable

since they are linked to special and specific tools, there are no

limits to a pastry chef’s creativity with the applications in Aroma

by Naboo giving you superb results with low costs and high added value.

Aroma by Naboo provides you with the new application Aroma

Dispenser to give you different types of food with the widest range of flavours.


The Aroma by Naboo design makes the oven not only

good looking but adds a series of functions and innovations

that always head towards the best cooking quality in the workshop.

This is the case with the automatic door opening feature that

lets you open and close the door by simply pressing a button,

even when you have a dish in your hands. Another innovation is

the organized hideaway spaces for detergents and various

accessories, hand shower, core probe and USB port.


Square, trendy design manufactured with the top quality materials

with a focus on hygiene and aesthetics. Naboo is is a registered

trademark and has been developed to give users maximum

ergonomics in the kitchen, featuring double glass door, heat reflecting

interior and low external heat emissions with mirrored effect that is easy

and practical to clean.

      ModelChamber Capacity  




power (kW)  


Dimension (mm)

     AREN064   6 x (600x 400) 87         10.5          875x825x820h       3N AC 400V-50Hz
     AREN0846 x (600x 400)    9016930x825x1040h3N AC 400V-50Hz
     AREN1546 x (600x 400)   8931.8960x825x1810h3N AC 400V-50Hz

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